Shiatsu Helps Support

-Back problems, shoulder problems, neck problems
-Respiratory problems
-Joint, muscle pain and arthritis
-Headaches and migraines.
-Gynecological problems
-Menstrual and menopausal problems.

-Relaxation and wellbeing in the body (including recovery from
-Sports injuries
-Those who have been through a traumatic experience.
-Frozen shoulder.
-Depression, unresolved grief, anger.
-Digestive issues.


Emer Mullarkey

Emer is a dedicated, qualified practitioner of shiatsu and a member of the Shiatsu Society of Ireland. She is also a qualified teacher of yoga and beginner’s qigong. Her focus is on providing quality bodywork.

Shiatsu is incredibly nourishing and healing at a very deep level. Emer loves the quality, care and deep nourishment of mindful touch. Some people find shiatsu and mindful touch satisfying and nurturing if they are not fond of needles even if acupuncture is also a really wonderful therapy that she would also highly recommend.

Emer's interest is in promoting wellbeing, good health and really helping people to reach their full potential. After completing her three-year training with the Shiatsu College Dublin, she is one of the only Irish people to have qualified in a training course with Clifford Andrews. He trains practitioners in a type of ‘Quantum shiatsu’, an advanced modality that brings together the best techniques from international experts and includes the work of the late Pauline Sasaki. Emer has also completed workshop trainings with Carola Beresford Cooke and Adam Hellinger, respected practitioners in both shiatsu and qigong.

Shiatsu is a very safe, grounded and solid practice but you shouldn't receive shiatsu if you have a fever, if you recently have had cancer or if you have an infectious skin disease. After a stroke or surgery it is best to wait six months before receiving shiatsu.



Emer Mullarkey

Phone: 087 1910992