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Baird Lewis

Professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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There are many reasons people go to a therapist, but often enough, just the act of seeking help itself is an important first step. The process of talking with a counsellor or therapist in therapy sessions can then be a means of discovering emotional healing, growth and/or a greater ability and confidence to undergo changes needed.

I am an accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist with the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists. I use my own empathy along with my professional training and experience to help people find relief from emotional pain or upset. Through having a deep respect for the person or the ‘self’, I help facilitate healing, better emotional health and understanding.

In my training and experience in pastoral ministry I discovered my passion for understanding how we both function as human beings in the world and how we also can experience dysfunction. This led me to further deepen my studies of the human condition and to the practice of counselling and psychotherapy.

Some typical examples of areas where I have helped people find relief or understanding in themselves are the following:

*Anger and aggression * Anxiety, panic, fear or stress * Bullying at home/work
*Caring for others: elderly, vulnerable adults, children/issues arising in providing care
*Depression * Disability issues * Employment and unemployment issues
*Childhood issues such as loss, neglect, abuse
* Conflicts in the home, work or relationships
*Loss or bereavement through separation, loneliness, death,
*Mental health Issues * Parenting and children
*Relationship issues * Self-esteem * Sexuality * Stress or other including financial loss
* Personal growth & development
* Suicide * Spirituality

Therapy sessions are one hour in length and are weekly. Ongoing review and assessments are held between me and the client in order to ensure areas of exploration or issues are being addressed as needed. Professional fees apply and may also be available on a sliding scale in order that sessions are affordable

Baird Lewis
B.A. University Tennessee; M.Div. Duke University Divinity School
Dip. Psychotherapy, Institute Creative Counselling & Psychotherapy, Dublin


Phone: 085 848 4118

Valerie Lawless

Biodynamic and Integrative Psychotherapy is a humanistic orientated therapy encompassing the whole body, emphasising the importance in sustaining emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological wellbeing. It is a gentle yet profound therapeutic approach. 

Psychotherapy has been found to be helpful with a range of problems including: 

Anxiety, Childhood issues, Family Breakdowns, Low self-esteem, Being an outsider, Bereavement/grief, Depression, Sexual or physical abuse, Sexuality, Loss of meaning and direction.

I am a Biodynamic and Integrative psychotherapist and trained with "The Tracht psychotherapy foundation" in Kinvarra. I provide a safe and welcoming space where you can discuss your concerns.  

Phone: 086 1210339

Mobile: 086 1210339

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 Individual and Couple Counselling.

My approach to Counselling is Person-Centred, developed by the American Psychologist, Dr. Carl Rogers.

 It takes an optimistic view of human nature , holding that people have within themselves vast  resources to develop  self understanding , and  deeper awareness of self and others.

My  task as a  Counsellor/Psychotherapist is to  offer  a non-judgemental,  environment where a client feels valued and can truly be her or him self. 

 This approach has a vast evidence base with more than 60 years of research confirming its effectiveness, when the client make a strong commitment to attend her/his Counselling  appointments!

I work with clients in an Integrative way, drawing on my Professional Training and Experience, having  worked as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist over many years.

I continue to work at NUI Galway as a self employed Student Counsellor..

Breda's Professional Profile as a Facilitator and Psychotherapist:

Assertiveness and Sexuality .

 ''Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change.''

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with groups and individuals in the Public and Private sectors facilitating Assertiveness Training, Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills and Conflict Management.

 By acquiring additional Communication Skills we have more choices in how to approach  difficult situations, with Family, Friends, Lovers, and in the Workplace.

You learn  to decide when it is appropriate for you to overcome your fears, change your behaviour, and develop self confidence on the way at times...

We are sometimes  left with an  Inner Conflict or Dilemma, learning how to express and contain issues are important in this case.

 Seeking what comforts and holds your interest away from problems is essential.

'Our breathing has the function of helping our body and mind to calm down. We can say, "Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out, I bring peace into my body." Calming the breath calms the body and reduces any pain and tension.' - Thich Nath Hanh.

Sexuality is a very private and personal part of our life even here, lacking self-esteem, many people find themselves subject to the contradictory demands of others and cannot free themselves from the need for approval. 

If you are troubled by anothers' expectations or indeed your own internalised ideal role models, we can discuss your  basic assumptions and myths about sexuality.

We can discover clear and  practical information to suit your lifestyle, seeking positive aspects of your sensuality from this fascinating and complex issue.

Breda O'Neill
Qualified and Accredited Psychotherapist
Individual and Couple Counselling

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