Des McGuire

Many people both young and old suffer from problems such as anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure and other illnesses that affect the mind and body. We can be free from these symptoms through self-awareness and meditation. We need to realise this and experience it for ourselves. Through meditation we can relax and find inner peace, it eliminates negative feelings and introduces only positive feelings. It is not possible to be anxious, stressed, agitated, when your mind is calm, the journey to this inner peace or calm mind is through meditation.


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What is meditation?

Meditation is a simple technique to bring the mind and body to stillness and to relinquish all agitation in the mind. It is the path to good health in mind and body and well-being to everyone. 

The Benefits of Meditation.

Through the continual practice of meditation (approx. 20 minutes twice a day), we can experience the following benefits.

• Calming of the mind.

• Reduction of anxiety, stress, and other associated underlying physical manifestation of symptoms.

• Lowering of blood pressure.

• Improving general heart health.

• Regaining control of decision making.

• Greater connection/aware of our body and its needs.

• A happy and contented life.

• Complementary to main stream medicine.

• Greater concentration resulting in possible higher grades in school/college.

• Significant improvement in attainment in mental ability. e.g work.

• Keeps us more grounded, more aware and fully present.

Meditation will also bring eternal happiness into your life which will affect those with whom you are in contact with. You will develop patience with others, a greater understanding of their problems with compassionate and deep listening, this will help other people to suffer less and bring them healing in their lives. Meditation allows people to change the way their mind works and to obtain a different level of consciousness. It will not make your everyday problems go away; it allows you see them in a different light. (It helps you be present). It stills the mind to the extent that we are fully relaxed yet fully alert to our surroundings.