Fitzwilliam Food Intolerance and GENOVA TESTS

Fitzwilliam Food Intolerance and Genova Diagnostic Laboratory Tests

Health and Herbs now offer Fitzwillam Food Intolerence Tests and Genova Diagnostics Laboratory Tests. These tests are carried out by Nutritionist Michelle Hanley & Tara Canning who will go through the results with you and formulate an individualised dietary plan for you.


Fitzwilliam Food Test     

The clinic specialises in:

1. Laboratory based, food intolerance - diagnostic testing

2. Treatments for food intolerance and related illnesses.

Many medical conditions - for example, irritable bowel, asthma, eczema, arthritis, sinusitis, migraine - are in fact nothing more than different manifestations of the same phenomenon - food intolerance. Fitzwilliam Clinic now offers the new IgG fingerprick food intolerance test.

The Fitzwilliam Clinic, having been involved with food intolerance testing since 1983, and having worked with nearly every test which is available, holds that this IgG pinprick test is the most reliable and most useful diagnostic test currently available.

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Who are Genova Diagnostics?

Genova Diagnostics is a global leader in functional laboratory testing, pioneering innovative new approaches to personalized medicine.

Patients and clinicians focusing on wellness and prevention and taking an active role in managing health prefer diagnostic tests designed to help identify problems before chronic conditions and diseases develop. Unlike traditional labs that focus on disease pathology, Genova specializes in comprehensive panels that combine standard and innovative biomarkers to provide a more complete understanding of specific biological systems.



Genova Diagnotics is a fully accredited medical laboratory, certified in the areas of clinical chemistry, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, microbiology, general immunology, hematology and toxicology.

Genova Diagnostics offers more than 125 specialized diagnostic assessments, covering a wide range of physiological areas including nutritional, digestive, immunology, metabolic function and endocrinology.