Craniosacral Therapy 


Niamh Cahill

Niamh is a qualified craniosacral therapist and acupuncturist and as a result many of her clients come to her for a combination of craniosacral therapy, acupuncture. She is passionate about finding simple ways to bring our bodies and in turn our lives back into balance.

Niamh first became interested in holistic medicines in the mid 1990’s when she developed a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disorder which was extremely debilitating. She strongly believes in the need to develop an integrative approach integrating holistic therapies into modern medicine treatments and in so doing we can get the best of both worlds which has been her personal experience. She also seeks in her practice to empower her clients by teaching them new strategies they can do themselves to bring themselves back to wholeness in the mental, physical emotional and spiritual context such as meditation.  Niamh has a special interest in mental health and well being and helping her clients manage their reactions to stress and family traits which come up for healing from time to time. 

Biodynamic cranial sacral therapy is a gentle but profound powerful hands-on therapy which assists our body’s natural capacity to self repair. It primarily helps the body to come out of the ‘fight or flight’ and / or ‘dissociation’ states by providing the right environment for the body to down regulate its own central nervous system provided it is given the right conditions( ie a safe, nonjudgmental space). It is sometimes referred to as a ‘silent form of psychotherapy’ as no talk is required.

Experiences of shock, trauma, long term stress and illness can naturally compromise our health.

What craniosacral therapy is doing is helping  the body to reconnect with its own natural self healing mechanism and that in turn brings balance and increased vitality back into our system and in turn our lives.

Craniosacral therapy is a therapy for everyone ie from babies, toddlers, pregnant women, men, seniors, children, adolescents to those suffering from chronic illnesses, frailty, mental health trauma or emotional issues etc

Professional Qualifications: Niamh is a member of the Irish Association of

Craniosaracral Therapist and also a member of the Acupuncture

Foundation Professional Association

She runs her practice in both Galway and Dublin.

She is contactable on: mob: 087 7725551 or email: